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Fire lies at the foundation of our technological evolution and civilization as humans. It was one of the first innovations propelling man out of the caves and into the future. Eventually it has propelled man into space. Tribal has decades of experience in doing just that: sending people to space, extending their lives through new medical devices, and making their computers run cooler. But no matter how cool the technology is that we can help with, what really warms our hearts are people. We put people first.



Engineering problems aren’t always easy to solve, and everyone knows when something isn’t working the way it should. That’s when everyone gathers in the conference room to brainstorm. We refer to these scenarios as “woolly mammoths”– those big, complex problems that can’t be solved alone. We thrive on helping our clients contain their “mammoths” and making future ones less intimidating. Our team will help identify potential technology and services that will make your beasts–both current and future–extinct.


Industries We Serve


  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Biomedical
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Consumer Packaging



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Customized Engineering Consulting Services



  • Simulation Consulting
  • Design Services
  • Software Training
  • Technology Automation and Implementation Strategies
  • Technical Support
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  • Design
  • Simulation
  • Manufacturing
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Physical Testing
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I’ve worked with Tribal Engineering for 8 years, since I managed the Mechanical Engineering department for a large wind turbine manufacturer. Dan helped us select and deploy CAE tools in a way that minimized our costs and maximized our productivity gains. Dan is very customer-focused and always delivers. I was so happy I continued working with him when I started my own engineering consultancy in 2013. It’s great having Tribal in my corner.

Rod Budny
President, RBB Engineering

Dan makes every effort possible to understand his customer’s needs and find solutions. Over the years, Tribal has supported my license, training or engineering services needs. Many times, Dan has successfully supported urgent requests for a license that allows us to complete our client projects on time.  He is full of ideas and has an extensive network of engineering professionals.  He is truly a great resource.  I am thankful for his support over the years.

Dr. Sandeep Gupta
President, Helios Engineering Inc.


For nearly 15 years, at four different companies, Dan and Tribal have consistently been able to provide the technical support and solutions for our unique needs. Dan’s value is his ability to become part of the client organization and understand the needs from the inside.  From there, he either has the tool already, can create a solution by coordinating his wide network of technical experts. Dan has become both a valuable colleague and a personal friend. 

Eric Duckering
Director of Engineering and Programs – Composites and Acoustics
ITT Aerospace Controls



I had the opportunity to work with Tribal Engineering for about five years. During this period Tribal always strived to help Clipper improve its engineering processes and tools.  They offered a friendly viewpoint and opinion, while always considering budgetary and other constraints. I enjoyed the experience and looked forward to working with them.

Tony Chobot
Manager, Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Technology Department
Clipper Windpower


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